April 22, 2021 | by: Amanda Misner

Earth Day

It’s Earth Day #AnnapolisValley!

It’s the 51st anniversary of the international celebration of the planet we all call home. Earth Day started in 1970, and it’s now the largest environmental event worldwide. This year’s all-virtual celebrations culminate with “Earth Day Live” at 1pm AST.

Even though Earth Day is celebrated today, we should ALWAYS treat EVERY DAY as if it were Earth Day!

Clean up a local beach
Plant a garden at your home or school
Scan your neighborhood for litter
Sign an environmental action petition
Start a conversation
Help restore bird habitats
Buy a reusable water bottle
Plant a tree
Clean vacant lots in the community
Unplug and spend time outside

We want you to be safe as well, while protecting our planet!  Here are some safety tips from Kings District RCMP if you’re taking part in Clean ups:

  • Make sure children are well supervised
  • Be visible – consider a safety vest
  • Consider signage to provide awareness to motorists
  • Minimize volunteer vehicles. Consider getting a drive to the cleanup site
  • Park parallel and as far off the road as possible from the cleanup site
  • Cleanup only one side of the roadway at a time and work towards oncoming traffic
  • Drive to the opposite side of the roadway when switching sides
  • Pick-up litter during daylight hours only
  • Do not work where maintenance or construction operations and equipment are
  • Discontinue work in inclement weather or poor visibility
  • Motorists be aware of your environment and surroundings
  • Motorists stay a safe Distance from the vehicle ahead
  • Motorists should avoid Distractions
  • Motorists Drive Within Speed Limit or slower for the safety of cleanup volunteer

Check out the Nova Scotia One Garbage Bag Challenge on Facebook!
Take a garbage bag & go for walk, and fill it with garbage. It may surprise you, (and sadden you a little too), on how quickly you can fill a bag. I challenge you to take it one step further…sort the garbage between garbage, recyclables, and potentially compost!

We only have one Earth!  Let’s come together each and everyday to protect it!

For more on Earth Day click HERE


Source:  Kings District RCMP, Nova Scotia ONE Garbage Bag Challenge Facebook page, earthday.org