Recent Polls

September 22, 2023

The official start of fall is this weekend.What is your favourite season?

September 21, 2023

What Canadian TV from this list do you consider to be the best?

September 20, 2023

Do you feel safe in your community?

September 19, 2023

Do you plan on getting a flu shot this fall?

September 18, 2023

Overall, how happy are you?

September 15, 2023

What’s your favourite movie from this list from 30 years ago?

September 14, 2023

Does your family have an emergency evacuation plan?

September 13, 2023

Which one of these sitcoms from the 90’s is your favourite?

September 12, 2023

If there was a federal election today, which party would you vote for?

September 11, 2023

What means more to you?