February 5, 2021 | by: Amanda Misner

Websites You Need In Your Life

Bored in the house?  Looking to waste a bit of time?  Here is a list of websites you need!

⇒ JustWatch.com:  Search a movie or TV show, and it tells you where it is streaming.
⇒ Outline.com:  Allows you to read the text on virtually any website without seeing the ads. Also allows you to highlight and annotate text for later. Aimed at use on news and info-based sites.
⇒ 10MinuteMail.com: “Disposable” email service for use when a site requires that you provide an e-mail address to send a validation e-mail to. Don’t give up your real e-mail address and don’t end up on a bunch of spam lists.
⇒ Photopea.com:  It’s an advanced online image editor with Photoshop. Allows you to create a new image or edit an existing one from your computer or device.
⇒ Pdfdrive.com:  Contains more than 77 million books available to download for FREE on .pdf. No ads, no limits.
⇒ WornOnTV.net:  Just what you think it is: They track down the exact clothes actors wear in TV shows. Plus, they often show a similar cheaper option if your budget doesn’t quite match that of the Kardashians.
⇒ PointerPointer.com:  No explanation. Just try it.
Source: BuzzFeed