April 23, 2021 | by: Amanda Misner

Self Care Ideas That You Need To Do!

It’s always so hard to take time for YOURSELF. Work, school, kids, spouses… it is what makes us who we are! Self-care is not selfish. When you put your best foot forward, everybody wins!  Here are some really great ways to treat YOURSELF!

☞ End your shower with an invigorating blast:  Switch to cold water for 30 seconds. You’ll get a big burst of energy as your body kicks your circulation into gear. It also helps to release endorphins.
☞ Tea up:  Adding a cup of tea to your morning routine is good for you. Drinking green tea regularly may lower your bad cholesterol levels. And people with a habit of drinking black tea have a lower risk of developing heart disease.
☞ Clear clutter:  Devote 20 minutes to tidying a messy area, and you’ll feel better. Studies have linked cluttered environments with stress and lower self-control (say, around food), which can put a damper on your physical health.
☞ Take a lunchtime stroll:  A 15-minute midday walk boosts energy throughout the workday. It’s also good for the brain. Take your smart phone with you and listen to Magic 949!!
☞ Give your eyes a break:  So much of our days are spent in front of screens; prevent dry eyes, headaches, and blurred vision by following the rule of 20: Every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break to look at something 20 feet away.
☞ Breathe like a yogi:  Studies say that 20 minutes of yoga breathing can lift your mood and even improve your memory.
☞ Donate your time:  Volunteering gives people purpose, which raises self-esteem and lowers loneliness. (It helps others, too…which is a good thing!)
☞ Plant something:  A study found that adults who garden are happier, healthier, and more likely to eat vegetables.
☞ Create a “Yay!” list:  Every night, write down anything that made you say “Yay!” during the day. Think finding hidden money in your pocket, a surprise call from a friend, sunny skies…these help you recognize things going right in your life instead of focusing on the negative.

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Source: WomensDay