July 13, 2021 | by: Amanda Misner

Save Money At The Pumps This Summer

Gas prices are a lot higher than 15 months ago. Here are some tips to increase your gas mileage by up to 30% (according to the experts)

⇒ Check the air:  Do it before you go anywhere. Low tire pressure can affect fuel economy, performance and handling, plus accelerate tire wear.
⇒ Remove your roof rack:  At highway speeds, more than 50% of engine power goes to overcoming aerodynamic drag, so don’t carry unneeded items on the roof if you don’t have to.
⇒ Don’t speed:  You knew that was coming. You’ll not only avoid getting a ticket, you’ll save money on fuel.
⇒ Drive smart:  Using cruise control, limiting use of air conditioning, combining errands and avoiding idling can also help save fuel. So can simply driving smoothly. Accelerate moderately and anticipate the movement of traffic.
⇒ Don’t buy premium:  Only pay extra for “high-octane” if your owner’s manual indicates that you should.
⇒ Buy gas during the week:  Generally, it’s cheaper between Monday-Thursday in the evening. Many gas stations drop the price in the evening and during the work week, only to raise it back up in the morning and again once the weekend arrives.

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