June 25, 2020 | by: Amanda Misner

Popular Baby Names Out West

Our friends in Alberta have released a list of baby names for 2019.  While the most popular names for boys (Noah, Liam, Oliver) and girls (Olivia, Charlotte, Sophia) might not be very surprising, some of the names further down the list are.

“Game of Thrones” enthusiasts will be happy to know that Arya, Daenarys, Sansa, Catelyn and Jorah made the list.

Three Albertans were also named Khaleesi in 2019.

There are also plenty of Avengers fans in the province, because Thor, Loki, Quill and Jarvis also made the cut.

Fox, Wolf, Bear, Lion and Tiger were included in the list, as were Chevy, Ford, Benz, Mercedes, Lexus and Royce.

Two Alberta residents also named their babies “Baby,” which, admittedly, is a pretty spot-on description.

Some other memorable baby names in Alberta in 2019:
• Handsome-Jack
• Eulogy
• Legend
• Cowboy
• Corny

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Source: Live Wire