January 13, 2020 | by: Amanda Misner

Most Start Worrying About Monday By Sunday At 4pm

In a recent survey, the “Sunday scaries” set in at exactly 3:58pm.

What are “Sunday scaries?”  It’s that anxious feeling you get in the bottom of your stomach on Sundays when you start to dread the upcoming workweek.

The survey also found that it takes, on average, two hours to unwind after work on a Friday, and workers do slightly over three hours of unpaid work over the weekend, including checking emails, looking over presentations, or taking work calls. Here are the top ways that people fight the Sunday scaries:
• Take time for myself during the weekend: 44 percent

• Make sure to get a full night’s rest on Friday and Saturday: 42 percent

• Use the end of the day Friday to get organized for Monday: 35 percent

• Use the weekend to get ahead of what I need to do during the week: 34 percent

• Take a “digital detox” for part of the weekend: 21 percent

But still, 68% of workers admit that they generally stay up later than they should on Sunday evenings.