May 6, 2021 | by: Amanda Misner

Mental Health Week

This is the 70th annual CMHA Mental Health Week. Here are the signs you need to take a “Mental Health Day” – seriously…
➢ You’re more disorganized that usual:  If lately, you’ve been losing track of tasks or your bedroom floor’s become a tornado of clothing, it may be a clue that you need a break.
➢ You’re exhausted all the time:  If, for several days in a row, you’re struggling with insomnia, have trouble getting out of bed, or still feel tired even when you get enough sleep, it could be your brain’s way of warning that you need some time off.
➢You’re overly emotional:  When your emotions are magnified or seem uncontrollable, taking a day to refresh can be key to setting things right — so can getting professional help if you think that isn’t going to be enough.
➢ You’re fighting with everyone:  If you’re becoming more snappy or snarky with the people around you, it may be time to take a day to decompress.
➢ You’re having trouble concentrating:  When a task that would usually take a few minutes ends up taking an hour, or a project you hand in is riddled with mistakes you’d otherwise catch, it could mean you need a break from your daily grind.
➢ You’re feeling physically sick:  Many people experience physiological responses when their mental health needs tuning up. If you feel increased muscle tension, frequent headaches or an upset stomach, it could be tied to your mental wellbeing.
➢ Others notice that you’re not yourself:  If the people around you begin making comments — such as seeing if you need help or asking if you’re doing OK — it may mean it’s time to ask yourself the same questions.

Source: CMHA