May 5, 2021 | by: Amanda Misner

Foods That Shouldn’t Go In The Fridge

Ok… some of these I’ve had to learn over the years.  But Ketchup…for me… goes in the fridge!

✗ Ketchup (and most other condiments):  This really comes down to taste. But because it is high in sodium, it can be stored at room temperature for about a month.
✗ Bananas:  The ripening process slows down at cool temperatures; So, if you want yours to be more yellow than green, keep them on the counter.
✗ Avocado:  Like bananas, they are used to growing in warm temperatures, so putting one in the fridge slows the ripening process way down. They last 2-3 days in the fridge before the flavor and texture become compromised.
✗ Tomatoes:  They’re best kept at room temperature. Chilling them to below 12° Celsius (54°F) compromises the flavor and texture.
✗ Bread (and other doughy items like bagels):  The natural ingredients that go into dough don’t fare well in cold temps, so putting bread in the fridge dries them out.
✗ Coffee:  Coffee’s greatest enemies are “air, moisture, heat and light.” Since fridges are packed with humidity, they should be considered a no-go for coffee.
✗ Maple syrup and honey:  The sugars in syrup can crystallize when exposed to cool temperatures. Honey can harden or lose flavor.
✗ Butter:  Unsalted butter should be refrigerated. If it is salted butter that we’re talking about, it is OK out on the counter.

Source: MSN