May 10, 2021 | by: Amanda Misner

Essential Oils That Increase Productivity

Another week of Home School!  Have you tried some aromatherapy essential oils?

Try these aromatherapy essential oils . . .
➢ Rosemary:  It produces a sweet, earthy flavor that’s been scientifically shown to improve memory. It also improves mood.
➢ Lavender:  Can decrease levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, which increases irritability, and decreases cognitive abilities. It has been shown to help people complete math problems faster and more accurately.
➢ Lemon:  Enhances positive mood even more so than lavender for some people, and has been found to decrease stress levels.
➢ Peppermint:  Improves memory…both working and long-term. Also has been shown to cure pain, stomach ailments and chest congestion.

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Source:  Pumps & Iron