February 10, 2021 | by: Amanda Misner

Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield Is Releasing A Book In October!

A new space thriller will be hitting bookshelves soon!

Random House Canada announced on Tuesday that Chris Hadfield’s debut novel, “The Apollo Murders,” is scheduled to be on shelves Oct. 12.

It’s rooted in the “little-known reality” of the Cold War-era space race, and will feature characters both real and imagined.

Random House Canada says the story is set around a NASA crew racing against their Soviet rivals to reach the far side of the moon, but someone on-board the Apollo module has “murder on the mind.”

The publisher says the plot’s twists and turns will be enriched by Hadfield’s real-life knowledge of the otherworldly thrills of terrors of space flight.

The former commander of the International Space Station already has a proven track record as a bestselling author, with previous titles including “An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth,” “You Are Here” and children’s book “The Darkest Dark.”

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Source: CTV