Spend your Saturdays and Sundays with Magic 94.9’s Lucas Mancini

Lucas Mancini

Guilty Pleasure: Professional wrestling but please don’t tell anyone… It’s embarrassing.

Claim to Fame: I performed in the Halifax just for laughs comedy fest when I was eleven. Looking back on it, a lot of that material is only funny when coming from an eleven year old.

Dream Job: Being on the radio of course!

Coolest Moment of your Life so Far: Working at Magic 94.9 has been pretty fantastic! Besides that I once hiked up Gros Morne Mountain, no big deal.

Celebrity (living or dead) you would like to hang out with: It’s got to be Drake! I get the feeling me and Drizzy would really hit it off! Bill Murray and Taylor Swift are the runners up.

Pets: I have a half-samoyed half-husky named Spirit.