May 7, 2019 | by: Amanda Misner

Wifi Named Top Invention Of The Last 25 Years

WiFi has been hailed as the best invention of the last 25 years!

Researchers who carried out a detailed study saw wireless internet claim the top spot. A survey of 2,000 adults placed online banking in third place and internet search engines in fourth. Online shopping sites, like Amazon, completed the top five.

Overall 48% of those surveyed chose WiFi as their favorite and most impactful invention, while 41% chose smartphones.

The study also found other inventions from the last 25 years we hold in high regard are GPS, contactless payment, and flat-screen TVs.

In order to be considered a successful invention, 3 in 5 believe a product needs to fill a gap in the market.

1. WiFi
2. Smartphones
3. Online banking
4. Online search e.g. Google
5. Online shopping e.g. Amazon
6. Stem cell technology
7. GPS
8. Flat-screen TVs
9. Contactless payment
10. Tablets
11. YouTube
12. 3D printers
13. Netflix
14. Data encryption
15. Skype
16. Modern electric cars e.g. Tesla model S
17. Kindle
18. Bluetooth
19. Facebook
20. Wireless headphones
21. Ancestry DNA kits
22. Sony games consoles such as PlayStation
23. Amazon Echo
24. Spotify
25. Fitbit

Source: Digital Hub