Slime…is it dangerous?

May 18, 2017 | by:

Besides fidget spinners, another toy sweeping social media this year is “slime”, which is exactly what it sounds like: A big glop of goo, made from water, craft glue, food coloring, and borax. You can make it different colors and consistencies, and kids love it. It can supposedly be used to help calm kids and adults, as playing with it can be very soothing.

You can look up all kinds of slime recipes online(try HERE), but some are concerned that the borax may be harmful for children to play with. Borax is a mineral made from boron, which older scientific studies have found can be dangerous for humans to be around for long periods of time. However, from what I can find, the amount of borax (a type of mineral) used in slime is very small, so any kind of risk is also quite small. There are also recipes online for making slime without borax, if you’re at all concerned.

Have you or your kids played with slime yet?

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