Microsoft Paint: 1985-2017 (UPDATE: It lives!!!)

July 26, 2017 | by:


MS Paint will live on! Due to public support, MS Paint will not be removed, but will be a free download from the Windows App store! The program won’t be available by default on new Windows PCs, you’ll have to download it, but better that than not at all!


It was a staple of any childhood that included a home PC, and now it’s going the way of the dodo…Microsoft will be getting a new update soon, but with it will come the death of a feature we all know: MS Paint.

Paint was released by Microsoft with Windows 1.0 all the way back in 1985, and will be 32 this year. It will be replaced by a 3D illustrating app, but the Paint program itself will be phased out.

Look, it’s not like we ever created any masterpieces in Paint, but it was fun to fool around in; in fact, one of the funniest things ever is seeing bad Paint renditions of great paintings. There are also some artists who were able to make legit masterpieces…Google search either one for hilarious results!

Goodbye, Paint, we hardly knew ye…

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