July 30, 2019 | by: Amanda Misner

Is Breakfast The Most Important Meal Of Your Day?

Most of us only eat breakfast three times a week, according to a new study.

In fact, 13% admitted they rarely eat breakfast in the morning.

What do you gravitate toward to start your day when you are in the mood for a bite?

Unsurprisingly, the number one breakfast food is eggs — with 65% revealing that as their go-to morning meal.

When it comes to the top five breakfast foods, 58% reach just for coffee in the morning while a further 56% opt for cereal to get their day started.

Additionally, the study found those who consumed a savory breakfast can work for nearly another hour before needing a boost — 50 additional minutes to be exact, which adds up to more than five hours per week of productivity. Savory breakfast lovers also prefer rock and pop music, sci-fi movies and thrillers, and tend to make more money than their sweet breakfast-eating counterparts.