October 29, 2019 | by: Amanda Misner

High Tech “Smart Cart” Being Tested In Ontario

Sobeys is testing a computerized shopping cart that will allow you to scan your groceries and pay for them without having to line up at a checkout counter.

It’s called a “Smart Cart.  It operates like a self-checkout on wheels, with a built-in scale to weigh produce, and a scanner. It also has a screen to show the total price and a card reader for payment.

So…what do you need to do?  You scan your groceries, pay, and then leave.  Sounds pretty simple right?

Soon, Sobeys hopes the carts will be able to analyze what you put in it without the need to scan a bar code.  And it will also be able to take your grocery list and plan a route through the store, guiding you to each item using an on-screen map. Or, you could choose a recipe and have the cart show them where to find the ingredients.

They are testing out the new cart in Oakville, Ont. as part of a new pilot project.

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Source: CTV