November 1, 2018 | by: Amanda Misner

Hey Guys! It’s National Men Make Dinner Day!

Yes! It’s TRUE!  I only wish my guy was home! I could really go for some KD and hot dogs today!

Men who usually don’t cook are to cook dinner today, while men and women who usually cook are to stay out of the kitchen, and should just eat the dinners. They should only step in if it’s an emergency.

There are some rules though…

  • The man must find the recipe on his own.
  • The meal must have at least four ingredients.
  • At least one cooking utensil besides a fork must be used to make the meal.
  • A grill is not allowed for cooking
  • Leftovers can’t be used as ingredients.
  • The man must go shopping for all the ingredients on his own.
  • Everything that is used must be cleaned and put away in its proper place afterward.
  • The man must set and clear the table.
  • When eating the meal with others, the man is allowed to gloat THREE times about how good his meal is.

Now that we’ve established the rules, GUYS, what are you making?

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Source: Men Make Dinner Day