May 14, 2019 | by: Amanda Misner

DIY Bee Waterer

This is pretty cool!

Did you know that Bees drink water?  Not many do.  They need a safe place to drink it so they won’t drown. That’s where a bee waterer comes in.

What You Need:

– marbles or pebbles
– shallow bowl or pan


1. Put the marbles or pebbles into a shallow bowl or pan.
2. Fill with water so that you can see little rivers of water between the marbles (don’t cover the marbles completely).
3. Place outside in a shady location, preferably somewhere off ground so that the bees can safely take their time getting hydrated.
4. Check the water daily to make sure the water levels are adequate. Also, clean the marbles/pebbles and bowl about 1-2 times a week – this will also prevent mosquitoes from proliferating and laying eggs in the still water.

Pretty neat eh?

Source:  LiveLoveFruit.Com