Community rallies behind kids with stolen lemonade stand!

July 24, 2017 | by:

When a kids’ lemonade stand went missing in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, the children who started it thought their business was closed for good. But eight-year-olds Griffin and Cheyanne got some help from their community and the local police department and now they’re open once again.

The stand was taken from the corner where these kids say they were selling a lemonade every 10 minutes. And when they hung a sign where their stand once was that read, “Give it back, it wasn’t for free,” the police took notice and posted it on Facebook.

Locals saw the Facebook post and offered to help. One woman donated a table, another delivered it and now Griffin and Cheyanne are back in business selling lemonade.

Hopefully that restores your faith in humanity a little bit on a Monday morning!

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