1 tip to make your next deep clean EASIER!

July 17, 2017 | by:

I went on a cleaning spree over the weekend, and it was tough at times to decide what I should keep, and what really needed to go. As much as we know we should part ways with some of the clothes we’re holding on to, or some of the other knick-knacks that can pile up around the house, it’s not always that easy.

But here’s a little tip that can help: All you have to do is put a storage bag at the back of your closet. Then anytime you get motivated to do a closet clean-out or get frustrated while getting dressed, just put the questionable clothes in the bag, temporarily.

Then just go about your life for the next month or so and see if you need or want any of these items. If you pull something out of the bag and you find a use for it, you get to keep it. But if months go by and you haven’t touched the stuff in the bag, you’ll have to face the fact it’s time to get rid of them. And then you’ll have room in your wardrobe for more stuff!

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